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ASCO Direct™ Highlights

July 24-25, 2021 Seattle, WA

2021 Updates in Hematologic Malignancies

October 2, 2021 Salt Lake City, Utah

2021 Precision Oncology Summit

October 3, 2021 Salt Lake City, Utah

Weekly Multidisciplinary Tumor Board

Every Sunday 7:15-8:15am PST
9:00-10:00pm Nepal Time
Hosted on Zoom

Multidisciplinary Molecular Tumor Board

Once a Month
Hosted Virtually on Zoom

The 2022 Summit on Cancer Disparities – SCHD21

June 2022 Seattle, WA

ASH 63rd annual meeting review

January 2021

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Videos from our Independent Medical Education Conferences

About US

Advocating, Educating, and Innovating to Improve Access to Healthcare in the United States & Globally
2007 - 2019

MISSION: The Binaytara Foundation aims to improve healthcare in resource-poor communities and improve cancer care worldwide by collaborating with other organizations, individuals, and governments to develop programs and services that improve access to care.

The mission of the Binaytara Foundation’s (BTF) continuing medical education (CME) programs is to improve physician competence and performance in practice that eventually lead to improved patient outcomes.

Our goal is to plan, implement, and evaluate independent medical educational activities that enable hematologists/oncologists and other healthcare providers to make evidence-based healthcare recommendations that promote wellbeing, improve patient outcomes, are in alignment with current standard of care, and meet individual patient’s wellness goals.

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Janakpur, Nepal
The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center is the only cancer center in Nepal’s province 2, providing cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care services.
The Summits on National and Global Cancer Disparities
The SCHD meetings are our efforts o minimize cancer health disparities and improve access to high-quality cancer care for all by educating stakeholders and advocating for better access to care. These meetings feature healthcare debates among stakeholders, round-table discussions, and interactive lectures and discussions related to cancer health disparities issues
ICAHO Conferences
ICAHO Conferences
The Annual ASCO® Reviews held in the pacific northwest in Summer
ICAHO annual meetings are intended to improve the care of cancer patients by educating healthcare providers about the latest developments in the field. These meetings feature ASCO® Annual Meeting Review
ASH® Review
ASH® Review
ASH® Review held in the pacific northwest
ASH® 2020 Review will take place in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on February 13, 2021 and will feature both malignant hematology and benign hematology updates.

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